How To Stop Believing the Lies of the EnemyHave you ever felt defeated, broken, or like your life was a mess?
Have you looked into the mirror and didn’t like what you saw?
As women, we are surrounded daily by messages that we are unworthy, ugly, and worthless. These are the lies that hinder us and bring us down. We often believe the lies and give the enemy a foothold in our

In “How to Stop Believing the Lies of the Enemy”, authors Shawnee Penkacik and Dana Adams teach you how to know your worth in Christ and how to apply the truth of God’s Word to your daily life.
You will learn to be courageous, strong, and to live boldly for Jesus
in these trying times. You will learn that you are called to do great
things and are a chosen creation.

Join us on this incredible journey to a life that you were born
for–a life without lies that hinder you and keep you from your

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