3 Blessings of the Day

The sun peeks through my window and I know that in about five minutes my four-year-old son will come into my bedroom to tell me, “Mommy, it’s morning.”  Yes, it happens to be six thirty in the morning but he doesn’t understand the concept of time yet.  He will try to get me to wake up, I’ll hand him my phone to watch his favorite videos in the morning and as I do my morning exercises to wake up my legs. We will get ready to start our day.
Now I could be mad that he woke me up at six thirty when I didn’t go to bed until after 1 am because of working the night before. But instead, I choose joy. I look into the mirror, fix my hair, get dressed, and head downstairs. Sometimes I’ll grab him a quick breakfast and then try to get him to lay down until around 8 am when I’ve had coffee.

Either way, the way I start my day is my choice. It is a choice between seeing the good in the world or seeing the horrible things that are out there.  I love the verse in the Bible which talks about choosing joy.  It was taught to me in my teenage years when I would help out with Bible quizzing. This verse is found in James 1: 2-3  “Dear brothers and sisters, when trouble of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.”

So what were my three blessings today?

  1. My children – They are a huge blessing. My son today was outside playing with his sisters and brought me two of my favorite things. He knows how much I love wildflowers so he picked daisies and buttercups. Then he brought them to me. I smiled as this is his way of telling me that he loves me. It makes me smile every time.
  2. My morning coffee- I didn’t have coffee creamer today so I had to have milk and honey for my coffee. It actually wasn’t that bad.
  3. Provision – The Lord continually provides for my family. He provides in ways that I can’t imagine or think of. He opens doors where I don’t expect and continues to meet all our needs. When I was told my daughters were coming, I was worried because they were coming with little.  Then my aunt showed up with a big box of clothes that would fit Felicity. I cried.

Every day I reminded of God’s faithfulness, how His promises are true, and of his amazing love. So tell me what are 3 things you have been blessed with today?


Take some time and count your blessings!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!


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