Dear Mom – You’re Amazing!

Dear Mom,

As you sit there holding your phone, listening to your house as everything sits still before your morning starts. You wonder what the day will have in store. If you’re like me you woke up, got dressed, put on your makeup, and grabbed your cup of coffee. Then you reach for your Bible either on your phone through the Bible app (Youversion) or a hardback copy that sits by your bed.
You try to get a few quiet moments to yourself before your day begins. But we all know as moms this rarely happens.  Because just as soon as you start to read those pages or scroll through your devotional. You hear the pitter patter of little feet heading towards you.

Then you see the little feet and suddenly one or all of your children are in front of you ready to start the day.  You give everyone hugs and say, “Good morning.” You ask how they slept. Then your children start with the morning questions.

My son likes to ask the same questions every morning. “What’s for breakfast?” “Why can’t we go outside in the rain?” and “When do you work today?”

Perhaps your questions are different. I’m sure they are.

My older children will ask the questions of “Have you seen my shirt?” “Why can’t I wear my pjs today to school?” and “Did you sign my permission slip?”
I’m sure you have heard a lot of these things.

I want you to remember amongst all the questions that you face each day – You matter.  You are making a difference in the lives of your family and friends every day.

As a mom you wear many hats and have many jobs.
You are a mom, a nurse, a taxi driver, chef, referee, to only name a few things that you do every day.

You mom are changing the world.

As you take a few minutes of your day to hop on social media connecting with family and friends, sharing your thoughts, stories, and even the struggles that you are facing. Lives are being changed because you are willing to be a light for Jesus and you don’t hide the light that He has given you under a bushel.

As you start to prepare dinner for your family, make sure everyone has finished their homework, and everyone is doing their chores. You are doing a great job!

You are raising great young men and women who will one day make a difference in this world.

As you chat on the phone with your best friend just to get a few minutes of adult conversation. God sees you. He’s so proud of you. He looks down on you from heaven and says, “Good job, my daughter.”

God has entrusted you with the most precious gift in raising your children. Love them, be patient with them, teach them to love Jesus, love others, and have a servant’s heart. Teach them to trust the Lord even when times are really tough.

Remember that you have the strength to do the job you’ve been given because God chose you to be their mom! He knew you were capable, called, and qualified. He knew your strengths and weaknesses and He loves you just the same.

So as you go about your day, connect with your Heavenly Father, have a daily talk with Him, ask Him to bless your family. Then keep going doing the job you’ve been called to do.

You are Amazing!!


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