Dear Mama who is struggling and feels like she can’t get through another day,

I’ve been there. I’ve been in the trenches of laundry piled up in baskets after the washer decided to break. I’ve been surrounded by a sink of dirty dishes. I’ve heard the sounds of video games blaring through the downstairs and the Cubs baseball song for the fifth time with Jackson singing it loudly. I’ve been surrounded by children who just want a hug from their mom. I’ve heard the running of feet down the hallway as my daughter Carleigh would be running to her room to only be chased by Jackson in a game of tag.
I’ve heard music blaring from my teenager’s room and told them to turn it down. I’ve wiped down the sticky fingerprints from the walls, counters,  washed the mirrors for the endless time, and complained that someone had left the toothpaste out again.
It’s in those moments that God met me. As I stood grumbling about my house. He told me to look at those moments and cherish them as one day I would miss them.
You see babies grow up. One day your baby will be a toddler. Then a child, then a tween, and teenager. The next thing you know you’ll be sending them off to college.  In those moments, the sticky fingerprints, dirty dishes, and laundry won’t matter.
What matters is family and making memories with them. So cherish those moments. Make time for lots of memories. Take a break from the dishes, have those heart to heart talks, sing the crazy songs, teach your children about Jesus and his amazing love. Give grace to those around you, show love, be patient and remember to listen to the stories that your children have to tell.

Because one day you’ll be standing there missing the very things that made you feel overwhelmed.

Live in the season you are in, take lots of photos, dance in the rain.

Be Blessed!

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