Spring Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Springtime is just around the corner. Okay, it doesn’t seem like it in most parts of the country. I love springtime! It is one of my favorite seasons. The flowers start to bloom, the birds start to sing, and my most favorite is the warmer weather is here. In Arizona we didn’t get the four seasons, so now that I am in a state that has them it’s been a change for me. But a welcomed one.
I have an adventurous almost four-year-old son who loves to be outside. So I developed this scavenger hunt to help him learn about all the things outdoors and to educate him at the same time.

With this worksheet, he can find a bird.  Then we can talk about what a bird eats, sounds it makes, etc. He can find a flower and then we can talk about how flowers grow. It’s an adventure and education experience at the same time.

As a bonus, I have included this free printable for you to go on your own scavenger hunt.  Simply print out the worksheet, place it in a plastic sleeve, grab a dry erase marker and head outdoors. Mark each item off as you find it.
When you get the whole sheet filled you win!! Not only do you win because you will have enriched your mind but you will have had quality time with your children as well.

Click the image to download the Scavenger hunt today

I hope you enjoy this activity. I’d love to know what spring activities that you love. Share them in the comments below.


Have a fantastic Monday!!

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