Happy Resurrection Sunday

It’s a beautiful day here in Central PA even though it is quite cold. I’m not used to this cold yet. I am still missing that Arizona sunshine. I love Easter Sunday because we celebrate the RISEN Savior Jesus Christ our Lord. He is not in the tomb – the grave is EMPTY!!

Praise the Lord!! I love going to church on Easter Sunday. I got up this morning got my son ready for service. He asked me why he had to wear a button-down shirt to church and why I was fussing over him. I laughed because he was right I was being silly.  Easter was not about whether he looked adorable (which he did) or whether he wore jeans. Easter is about Jesus. 

Now at my church, I get the honor of playing the piano. I am blessed that the Lord has given me the ability to still play the piano after not playing for almost twenty years. I’m a little rusty still but thankfully my church still puts up with me.  I love to sit and worship the Lord through playing the keys –even when my coordination isn’t always perfect.
A few days ago I was struggling. I have no idea what I did but I hurt my back really bad. I could not move. I honestly felt that I wasn’t going to make it to Easter service.   But this morning, I walked to the piano!! Praise the Lord!! I walked with no cane, no ankle brace (I regretted that later) I wanted to wear cute shoes.
As I walked up the few steps to the piano I saw a beautiful flower waiting for me. It was such a beautiful gift and made me smile. It’s amazing how God knows what we need and when we need it. I am so thankful for God moments. 

You see today my family was supposed to arrive and we were going to all be together again.  But that didn’t happen and instead of having a family reunion we are apart. As I looked around the church and saw amazing families sitting together – I was a bit jealous as I missed mine.
That little flower on the piano was a reminder to me that even though life seemed tough that God is faithful. It reminded me that yes the Lord has me and that all things work together for good. Now I can’t wait to plant my beautiful flower and get it in the ground. I can’t wait to watch it grow like God is watching me grow. Just as He is watching you grow.
May you take time today to celebrate God’s goodness and grace. How amazing God’s mercy is for us!!


Happy Easter!!


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