5 Things I’d Advise My Younger Self

5 Things I'd Advise My Younger Self
Advice that I would give to my 18 Year old self

I left home at 18 years of age to start over in a new city where I knew just family.  It wasn’t an easy journey but it was one at the time that was much needed. I was a very shy, not outgoing, sheltered 18-year-old girl.  Growing up I was focused on a few things serving Jesus, making my parents happy, and getting good grades in school. When I left home, I was still focused on those things but I realized along the way that I couldn’t make anyone happy. I learned that I  was responsible for my own choices but I couldn’t be responsible for anyone else but me. So advice tip #1 is don’t try to please everyone. Just do your best to please Jesus, listen to what He has to say to you, the rest will fall into place. 

Advice tip #2  comes from the lesson learned from rushing life. If you think back to 1996 the world was in turmoil. It’s even in more turmoil now. I thought the end of the world was going to happen and I wanted to get married, be a mom, and raise a family before it happened. As a result, I rushed everything. I watched for signs that I was in God’s will instead of just trusting that I was.  So advice tip #2 is take time to get to know your husband and plan a family. Enjoy your marriage first and kids can come later.

Advice tip #3 – Listen to what God is telling you. You don’t have to listen to everyone around you. Just because you are young. God speaks to young people, too.  Don’t run around and ask for advice because you don’t feel you can trust your decisions. That voice that is speaking to you is the Holy Spirit. Listen to it!!

Advice tip #4- Your dreams matter. God has placed dreams and goals in your heart for a reason. Every one us has talents that God has given us. We need to use those gifts for Him.  Follow your dreams as they aren’t a bad thing.

Advice tip #5 – Be YOU!!  I hated who I was as a teenager. I was quirky, non-sporty, loved music, loved Jesus, and was not popular in the least. I grew up with being insecure because of this. I wanted to be like other people. But I realized that God made me, me. I’m special because God created me. I have a specific plan and purpose. No one can fulfill this purpose but me. No one can be me but me.  Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. JUST BE YOU!!

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