Looking in a Mirror

She woke up out of a deep sleep, rolled over to her side, and looked in the mirror. Her hair was messy from the night before, no make up, just a raw view of herself. She started to look at every wrinkle, blemish, and flaw. She saw the lines near her eyes, the lines around her smile. She started to compare herself to her friends, people on television, and started to doubt herself. She looked at herself and spoke ugly words to herself in the mirror. The words that came out of her mouth cut through her soul like a knife. “You’re ugly, you look older than your age, no guy let alone your husband would ever want you. God can’t even think of why he created you.”
Ouch, those words harsh, piercing and cutting. Yet it wasn’t her best friend saying them, her neighbor, or coworker. It was her. She was speaking these harsh words to herself.
Sadly, the woman speaking those words was me. I spoke those very words to myself one morning when I woke up after a really bad night’s sleep. I had been wrestling with the Lord in my dreams. I had been going through my past failures, flaws, and just beating myself up. It wasn’t pretty.

When we look in the mirror as women, what do we see? Do we see beauty that rose from ashes, or we see flaws, wrinkles, and pain? Or do we see that we are beautiful creations made in the image of Christ. January is filled with Facebook posts of people going to the gym to get healthier, lose weight, running themselves down.

I saw one post the other day that was similar to the opening of my post. “I didn’t go to the gym today. I don’t know why I’m trying. The fat isn’t going away and I’m still going to be fat. I’m worthless.”  Why do we talk to ourselves in such a negative light? Would we as moms talk to our children this way? Our best friends?  or even our parents? Would we look at our daughter and tell her that she had wrinkles, lines, and that she was imperfect.
No we wouldn’t. We want our daughters to have a good self esteem, know that they are loved, supported, etc. But yet as moms we talk to ourselves in a light that is of our worst enemy.

You are not your worst enemy. I have baby weight from having eleven children. I gave birth to every single one of them. I have stretch marks that look like tiger stripes on my tummy. I have flaws. But God calls me beautiful. God calls me chosen. God calls me loved. God calls me blessed. God calls me HIS OWN!! God doesn’t look down on me and say, “Wow, Shawnee you’ve got wrinkles and you are turning forty-one years old.”

Ladies, God does not want us to be hard on ourselves. He wants us to know our worth. Our worth in HIM. He wants us to know that we are who we are and He made us that way. Now does this mean don’t head to the gym, no. Does this mean forget your makeup? No. It means BE YOU!! Be the you that God created you to be.

We are going to have a great course in a few weeks based on the recently released book, “How to Stop Believing the Lies of the Enemy.” Dana and I are going to walk you through how we learned to find our worth because of the life saving, life changing power of Jesus Christ. It’s time for women of God to RISE UP!! It’s time for us to speak life and not death to ourselves.

Join us at our Facebook Group Sunshiny Thoughts. You’ won’t want to miss it. In honor of this celebration, we are offering a one day sale of our Ebook on the Kindle for just 99 cents. Grab the book. Join us for the study. It’s time to make this year, your best year yet.

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