How to Stop Believing The Lies of the Enemy – Launch Day!!

How To Stop Believing the Lies of the Enemy

How To Stop Believing the Lies of the EnemyWe are off to a cold start to the New Year here on the East Coast.  Temperatures have been so frigid that even my favorite place in the world Niagara Falls froze over.  It is such a beautiful sight to see though.  I hope that if you are in one the regions that are getting hit hard by this winter, that you are staying warm.

One of the ways to stay warm is to curl up with a good book.

My wonderful friend Dana Adams and I are thrilled to announce that we are releasing today our brand new book, “How to Stop Believing the Lies of the Enemy”. If you listened to the Sunshiny Thoughts podcast you’ll recall that Dana and I covered lots of things that the enemy tries to tell us about our worth as moms. This is done to make us feel broken, busted, and disgusted. The enemy knows when he does this we feel defeated instead of feeling powered.
All over social media we are seeing a cry for women to rise up and take a stand. I am sounding that cry as well. However in a different manner. It’s time for women of God to rise up and take back what the enemy stole from them.
The enemy stole your worth, it’s time to take it back. The enemy stole your confidence. It’s time to take it back. The enemy stole your self esteem. It’s time to reclaim it.
Women of God it is OUR TIME!! It is time for us to rise up and instead of being unworthy, ugly, broken, unlovable, women to be who the Lord has called us to be.
In this book, we go over each lie and replace it with the truth in God’s word and teach you how to apply it.

In February we will add to it our new video course and group to help you have a support team on this journey. You are not alone!!
I know this book will be a blessing to you and that your life will be changed because of it.

Also stay tuned this week as Angela J Herrington joins me to talk about fulfilling your calling and purpose as a mom. You won’t want to miss it!!

Have a blessed day and know that you are loved by an amazing Father!!

How To Stop Believing the Lies of the Enemy is available on and local retailers.

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