Steps to Growth

When you think of growth, I think of a garden. We are already starting to see things for planting pop up in our local stores. You’d think it wasn’t still winter. I wish with the record low temperatures we are having here on the East coast.

To grow a good garden you need to have a solid plan. Based on this plan it will prove how successful your garden will be. I have a friend who plants a garden and maps out where everything is going to go.  She knows how many cucumbers she is going to plant, how many zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Her garden is well tended, well loved, and always a success.

It takes time to develop a good plan. You need to study the type of soil you have, if you need fertilizer, know what kinds of plants you want to grow, etc. A good plan takes time.

In our lives we want to see growth. But you can’t see growth in your life without a plan. Many of you wonder why you made no progress in your goals in 2017. It’s because you didn’t make an execute a plan. You set short attainable goals to reach towards the bigger goals that you know God has in store for you.

I want to see growth in many areas of my life in 2018. To do this I am making a plan. I want to see growth in.

  1. Family – I want to see my family grow closer to Jesus and closer to each other.
  2. Friends – I want to see my friendships grow deeper and more intentional.
  3. Kindness – I want to grow in kindness and my love for others.
  4. Finances – I want the Lord to bless my finances.
  5. Business – I want to see my business grow, reaching and encouraging people to know who they are in Christ and to dream big dreams.
  6. My relationship with Jesus – I want to fall more in love daily with my heavenly Father. I do this by spending intentional time with Him. I take time and set it aside as my “God time”.

When we make a plan we will see growth. What plan are you seeing ahead for life today? Growth requires work. So be ready to do the work. But growth while painful is fruitful. I know the Lord is going to bless you richly for your efforts and you are going to see great things happen in your life in 2018.


Be Blessed!!

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