How to Have a Fabulous Fall With Your Family

It is no secret to my friends and family that I love fall! Growing up in the Northeast, I got to experience fall for over twenty years. The cool temperatures, the crisp cool air, the leaves changing colors, hot apple cider, hiking trails, and so much more. Those things to me are what makes fall beautiful.

Then we moved to the midwest and we got to experience fall in a different way.  We had warmer temperatures, cool breezes, and a few things that made it feel like fall. However when we moved to Arizona, fall took on a whole new meaning.
I remember one fall in Arizona, I asked the Lord if he had forgot to change the seasons because some how it just doesn’t feel like fall in 90 degree weather.
No matter where you are fall is beautiful. The important thing that I missed in my travels is that Fall is what you make it to be just like life. Yes, I missed seeing the leaves change and the crisp cool air but my family learned to celebrate the gift of fall in other ways.

1. Spend time with those you love – Enjoy your family. One of the things I learned in having medically fragile kids was to make lots of memories. After Jackson was born I took a lot of photos. I wanted to be sure to capture every moment with him in case we didn’t have any more.

2. Take a fall family photo – This should be fun. Go to the pumpkin patch, go to a park where the leaves are changing color. We loved to go to the local aborteum and take photos there.  You can find a lot of really great ideas for fall photos on Pinterest.

3. Go to the Pumpkin Patch – My children loved to do this one. Last year we went to the pumpkin patch and let each child pick out a pumpkin. They got to decorate it how they wanted to and we set some on the front porch. It was a great way to have family time and decorate the house at the same time.

4. Make Caramel Apples –  This is one of my favorite things to do with my kids.  Apples are in season and you can find some of the best apples this time of year.  When we went to Disneyland, we had some of the best caramel apples. So I love to recreate them. I can’t even come close to the chefs there but I love to add chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and chocolate candies. My kids love to eat them, too.

Caramel Apples
Delicious Caramel Apples

5. Go on a Hayride –  Go on a hayride as a family (unless you’re allergic to hay). Hayrides are so much fun. You get to sit on a wagon on top of hay bales, and ride around on a tractor. Growing up this is one of my favorite memories of living in a farm country. Take in the sights of the town or the farm. But enjoy nature. God has given us one of the most beautiful planets. We need to appreciate it and celebrate the beauty of God’s creation more often.

6. Make an apple Pie – When I was homeschooling my children, we read “How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World” as part of our Five in a Row journey. My boys loved learning how to make an apple pie and knowing that they didn’t have to travel the world like the girl in the story to gather all the ingredients.  Teach your children to bake, let them help you mix the pie crust, place the apples in the pie tin or plate, and let them learn how to make an apple pie. They will cherish these memories for a lifetime. I know my children still talk about our adventures of making an apple pie.

7. Watch a fall movie – We love to watch Hallmark channel movies because they are family friendly. Hallmark has some great family friendly movies on most days. One of my favorites is the Pumpkin Pie movie where the two rival families end up having their children fall in love over learning to make a pumpkin pie. If you want less romance in your movies, check out Netflix for some great selections as well.

8. Sip Hot Cocoa by the fire – I love to make homemade hot cocoa in the crockpot. Then put it in mugs with marshmallows. Hot cocoa is the perfect drink on fall nights.

9. Go pick apples – Our family did this one year and it was so much fun.  In Washington, there was a cute apple orchard with tons of activities for fall. If you can do this with your family, definitely do it. It’s so much fun and you’ll make such great memories.

10. Roast Marshmallows. – S’mores are so much fun to make. Growing up we would make them over campfires. I love to make them with my kids. It’s a fun way to make memories and enjoy chocolate. I used to always get my marshmallow too burnt as a kid. I still do it as an adult.


I hope these ideas have given you some great ways to enjoy your family this fall. The most important thing spend time with your family and make lots of memories. Your children will cherish them for years to come!!



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