How To Do Housework with a Happy Heart

How to Do Housework With A Happy Heart

In my senior year of high school, I had gotten my first “real” job.  Now, I had jobs before that but little things like selling Tupperware, a paper route, etc. But when I got my job at McDonald’s that was my first real world experience job.  Since I was new to the job market, I didn’t know what to expect. I faced the job though with an eager attitude but a little on the shy side. I got to do a lot of things while working at McDonald’s from running the drive through (that was my favorite), to being a cashier, to working the fryer, to filling orders, to my least favorite washing dishes.

How to Do Housework With A Happy Heart

I remember one day talking about working and I started complaining about the mundane tasks that surrounded my day. I wanted more responsibility and I didn’t see the importance of cleaning the fryer, getting things from the freezer, or even washing the dishes.   Now it’s important in your life to have wise people to speak into your life and I had many that spoke into mine.  At the time, that person was my then boyfriend’s mom. She was the wisest woman and knew the Lord intimately.  She saw my complaining heart and wanted me to realize I was worth more. I’ll never forget we were at dinner.  She sat me down and said, “Shawnee, no matter what you do in life you do it as if you are doing it for Jesus. Then she read me Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.”

Clean your house as unto the Lord....when you are serving your family, you are honoring Jesus. Click To Tweet

She explained to me that while the tasks I were doing seemed small that they mattered to the Lord. She went on to tell me that when God saw how I responded to the little tasks, the Lord would reward my faithfulness.  Now at the time, I didn’t see the value of this lesson but twenty years later, I do.

It’s easy to say that we are a Christ follower or Christian as some say. But do we act like it.  Are we a light to a broken world? If we are complaining all the time about cleaning bathrooms, washing laundry, cleaning up after others, etc are we really honoring the Lord.  You see, whatever we do people are watching us. They are watching how we treat others, how we respond to crisis, how we deal with fear and anxiety. They are watching to see if we really are who we say we are. But that’s not the important part. Jesus is watching us.

She explained while the tasks I were doing seemed small that they mattered to the Lord. #housework #choosinggratitude Click To Tweet.

I remember one day when I was cleaning the toilet in our house and this verse popped into my head as I was complaining. I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning toilets. Now, I have found ways to make toilet cleaning easier but it’s not my favorite chore…especially with nine boys.  But the Lord taught me a lesson that day just as He did twenty years earlier. You are cleaning these toilets as unto me, you are serving your family and in doing so you are honoring me.  I started to see housework a lot differently after that day.
I started to find joy in cleaning toilets, cleaning up messes, and doing the chores around the house that most housewives dislike. (know you aren’t alone)

When we find joy in the small tasks of life, the Lord rewards us. Now it may not be with money, but he rewards us with a happy heart, a joyful home, a happier family.  Mom sets the tone for the house. If mom isn’t happy, then the kids won’t be happy. Also when you adopt this attitude your children will as well.
Find joy in the little things – remember when you are working either in your home or out of it that you are doing everything as unto the Lord.

So How Do You Find Joy In Doing Housework?  
1. Listen to music – praise music is awesome to do housework by.  I have my Google Play music playlist for housework. It is full of upbeat songs that encourage and inspire me. Included are Mandisa’s “Overcomer” Matthew West “Stronger”, just to name a few. This playlist makes me want to dance and smile.

2. Talk to a friend while you wash dishes, fold laundry, or another task you hate.  – Talking on the phone helps me when I’m doing dishes.  It helps me forget about the dishes and makes time go by faster.

3. Pray while you do your housework. As I fold laundry, I pray over my family members. I pray that they grow in the Lord and closer to him. I pray that they are blessed in whatever they do. I pray a prayer of protection over them.

4. Remember you are doing it as unto the Lord. So even if you are cleaning the toilets. It’s as unto Jesus, scrubbing the bathtub – yep same principle. It doesn’t make the task go away. Sometimes I wish I could wiggle my nose like a genie and poof it would all sparkle.

5. Find ways to make cleaning more effective. I’ve done this by using essential oils in my cleaners, buying tools to help make the job easier, and watching You Tube videos to learn how to clean effectively. (I’ve linked to my favorite)

Remember as you do your housework, you are serving your family. It's important to give them your very best. Click To Tweet

Remember as you do your housework,  you are serving your family. It’s important to give them your very best. You would want someone to give you their best so do the same for them.

What are you housework tips? Leave me a note in the comments as I’d love to hear from you.


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