Dealing with Rejection

dealing with rejection
dealing with rejection
Dealing with Rejection

Have you ever had your heart set on a new relationship only to have the
person let you know that they moved on and didn’t want to see you
anymore? Or you were supposed to get a new car and the loan didn’t
work out.   Maybe you went for an interview at what you thought was
the ideal job later to find out that they chose another candidate

Rejection runs deep in many situations in life, but we don't have to face it alone. Click To Tweet

Rejecttion runs deep in many situations in life.  Surprisingly
rejection even happened in the Bible. In the book of Genesis, we see
Abraham and Sarai. Abraham wants a child and Sarai is unable to have
one, so she gives Abraham her servant an Egyptian woman named Hagar.
Sarai tells Abraham to sleep with Hagar. Now this is the shocking
part to me of the Bible but Abraham does just that.

Hagar conceives a son and is treated differently by Sarai. Now put
yourself in Sarai’s shoes. She can’t have a baby. She gets the idea to
give her Egyptian servant to her husband and says, “Here, sleep with
her, she can give you a son.”

I don’t think I could give a servant to my husband and say, “Here
sleep with her, she can give you a son.” So I don’t understand this
part of Sarai. The Bible doesn’t tell us how Sarai felt but it does
tell us that Hagar began to treat Sarai with contempt.

The Webster Dictionary definition of contempt is the act of despising.
So Sarai basically hated Hagar so much that Sarai said to Abram like a
typical woman, “This is all your fault. I put my servant into your arms,
but now that she’s pregnant she treats me with contempt. The Lord will
show who’s wrong – you or me!” Now Sarai was the one who gave Hagar to
Abram. (Abraham) and now she’s the one who is saying that the servant
is treating her badly.

I feel bad for both women. One because Sarai has regrets for handing
over her servant, and for Hagar because she had to feel indifferent for
carrying Abram’s child. A difficult situation, but the story gets more
interesting. Hagar ran away. (Genesis 16: 6)

The angel of the Lord came to Hagar beside a spring of water in the
wilderness. The angel asked her, “Where have you come from and where
are you going?” Hagar was honest and told the angel that she was
running away. The angel told her to return to her mistress and I will
give you more descendants than you can count. The angel also told her
what name she was to give her son. Hagar would name him Ishmael “God

Hagar in the middle of all this rejection, heartache, and loss
referred to the Lord with another name and said, ” You are the God who
sees me.” (Genesis 16: 13)

I think of this story and how God watched over Hagar and her unborn
son. God made sure that Hagar was taken care of. Later Hagar and
Ishmael were sent away. God again watched over Hagar and Ishmael. The
Bible tells us that Ishmael grew up to be a skilled archer. He
married a woman from the land of Egypt. (Genesis 21:20)

Hagar felt rejected by Abram. After all, she listened to her master Sarai and
slept with her husband as commanded, but yet she was sent away and
treated harshly. The incredible thing is that the Lord saw the hurt, pain,
and rejection that she was feeling. He met her right where she was at.
God provided for her needs. He continued to look after both Hagar and

The same is true for you…maybe you have faced a broken friendship, a
broken relationship, or a broken marriage. You are feeling the pain of
everything that has happened to you wondering where is the Lord in all
of this.

But just like Hagar, God sees you. He knows what you are feeling, the hurt, and the pain. He sees you and He loves you. Click To TweetJust

But just like Hagar, God sees you. He knows what you are feeling, the hurt, and the pain. He sees you and He loves you like God was there for Hagar in the wilderness. He will be there for
you!! Rest in His promises and stand on His Word. The Lord is faithful. He
will see you through.

I hope this encouraged you today as reading this story encouraged me.
You don’t have to be rejected because you are accepted and loved by Jesus.


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