Sunshiny Thoughts Podcast Episode 4 – Choosing Praise In Times of Difficulty

Sunshiny Thoughts Podcast Episode 4

Guest Co Host – Katie Hornor

Topic – Choosing Praise In Times of Difficulty

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning into the Sunshiny Thoughts podcast. This week our topic is Choosing Praise in Times of Difficulty. Life doesn’t always go the way that we had planned. The picture perfect life that we had envisioned instead becomes a life of hiccups, sickness, loss of job, and other things that we go through in life.

My guest co host today is the founder of Paradise Katie Hornor.

Katie Hornor
Missionary, Speaker, Blogger, and author Katie Hornor

Katie recently wrote a new book called In Spite of Myself. You can find all over social media with the #ichoosepraise.
Katie is a wife, homeschooling mom, missionary, author, business woman, mentor, and speaker. She has authored over 40 self published books.

In Spite of Myself
In Spite of Myself – How Intentional Praise Can Transform Your Heart and Home by Katie Hornor

She has a lot of wisdom on being joyful in difficult circumstances as well as homeschooling. She is a missionary to beautiful paradise Mexico. I know you’ll be encouraged by her words of wisdom as she shares with us about her new book due out November 7th In Spite of Myself How to Intentional Praise Can Transform Your Heart and Home.
You can learn more about Katie and her ministry at  

Our encouraging word of the day is Psalms 34:1-3 ESV

Choosing praise is a lifestyle and mindset change. I know for myself it’s been a journey because it’s easy to look at circumstance rather than see how the Lord is working. But one of the things the Lord has taught me in my journey is no matter what He is faithful.

I hope you will stop by Katie’s website as she really is a wonderful woman of great faith. If you are struggling blogger she can help you with that as well. Choosing to praise goes along with our mission here at Sunshiny Thoughts. Being grateful changes your attitude and outlook on life. I believe their is a bright side to life and we always have something in life to look around and be grateful for. God is good.

Please remember to share this podcast with your friends or on social media. And remember to join us again next week as we will be talking about Faith over Fear. How do we have faith when circumstances aren’t in our favor?

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